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Project | 01
Cryptocurrency Risk Management with Quantitative Analyses (Part II)

In part II, it was the extension of part I which I focused on expanding on the 3 solutions in part I below by using quantitative analyses with examples of each of the solutions.


1. The first quantitative analysis was to utilize private insurance that could offset risks and regulate the cryptos industry.

2. The second was the use of the government as an insurer that can further boost risk tolerance.

3. The third was to use reinsurance to further offset inherent risks.


In this paper, I would use statistical analyses including risk pooling, expected loss, variance, and standard deviation to calculate the probability of using private insurance, government as an insurer and reinsurance to mitigate risks and regulate the cryptos industry

Project | 02
Cryptocurrency Risk Management (Part I)

In part I,  I have written about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency (cryptos) is here to stay. I proposed 3 solutions to solve the inherent risks in the cryptos industry.


1. One was to utilize and enforce a common standard security application called Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

2. Two was to provide insurance to cryptos exchange and holders.

3. Three was to leverage the concept of risk reduction by using risk pooling to solve risk transfer capacity problems.

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